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VisiFair creates order and revenues

In addition to the convenient planning of parking areas and the allocation of timeslots, VisiFair offers the possibility to market these slots with a convenient booking system.

This way you generate win-win situations for both sides: Your customer has a booked and reserved timeslot for his setup and dismantling team and saves time and nerves. You, as the site operator, have an overview of the utilization of the site and corresponding planning security. In addition, you monetize the timeslots and generate additional revenues.

VisiFair features in key points:

  • Graphical parking area planning
  • Creation of site plans with halls and loading zones 
  • Definition of validity periods for loading zones
  • Time slot planning for loading and unloading
  • Traffic equalization through integration of decentralized holding areas as buffer zones
  • Convenient booking platform for timeslots and dedicated customer login

VisiFair services

VisiFair is a web-based system that was developed specifically for trade fair traffic logistics. It was optimized for this use case in cooperation with trade fair companies and site logistics providers. The system consists of two parts for planning and booking and can be easily integrated into existing processes, enabling a quick start-up.

The planning tool offers a map-based planning interface with a cross-event basic terrain plan. The layers and tools allow event terrains with multiple floors or height offsets to be mapped. VisiFair allows the integration of CAD drawings or graphics to optimize the representation of the terrain.

Events are the central planning element in the system, and various areas, such as loading zones, closures or construction work, can be displayed graphically. All areas have a spatial and temporal component, and any number of validity areas can be assigned for each area.

For event planning, basic settings, event-specific vehicle settings, organizational details, legal and financial information, and event-specific user management can be recorded.

The system also provides access tickets for event-independent access to the site, which are tied to vehicles. Bulk upload allows loading access tickets into tables. Emails with access tickets can be sent to end customers.

In vehicle management, individual vehicle types and vehicle accessories can be created, which are available to end customers in the booking portal.

For off-road logisticians, VisiFair enables logistics services to be managed and linked to specific events and vehicle types.

Overall, VisiFair offers a comprehensive solution for planning and booking trade fair traffic logistics and enables efficient cooperation between trade fair companies, site logistics providers and event participants.

The status quo is often chaotic

First come, first served at exhibition center

Too much traffic during peak hours

Timing impossible for customers

Frustration on the customer side

The motivations to use VisiFair Booking system

Booking system

Marketing of bookable timeslots at loading zones

Additional revenue

Planning system



The planning system - How does VisiFair create order?

Simple event and area planning on site plan

Creation of loading zones and bookable timeslots

Planning of external waiting areas (LogPoints)

Permanent overview of traffic volume and area planning

Equalization of the traffic volume


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